Monday, November 4, 2013

Gallery Wall Beginnings

I love a good gallery wall. I've had one in pretty much every apartment I've ever had, even if it was just photos stuck on with poster putty because we couldn't put holes in the walls. All painted canvases - been there. All frames in the same style - done that. Different frames but all the same color - yep.

Half the reason I wanted to paint the sunroom a dark color is because I wanted to fill a wall with white frames - the dark wall color wouldn't be so overwhelming and the frames would pop. Well call it me getting more eclectic or me being lazy, but I ended up not going with all white frames though I do still love the dark walls.

After looking at pretty much every "how to create a gallery wall" pin known to OCD women, I decided to throw them all out of the window and just use what I had around the house and put them up how I saw fit. I just have to like it at the end of the day - not the Collage Police.

Now bear in mind that it's still a work in progress (hence the literal blank canvas(es), but here's what we have so far:

Excuse the folding chair in leu of a real office chair. Maybe Santa will be nice to me this year. And excuse the sewing paraphernalia to the right of the desk - that's another project in the works.

I'm in love with the Goodwill find of a desk and the fact that it can float in front of the wall, like so:

Here's a close-up of the items that I currently have in the collage:

At the top is an oil painting for a tablescape in a great multi layer frame that I picked up at Goodwill for $4.99. It must have spoken to one of my former lives where I was a doily knitting grandma with 9 cats. And how I love it so.

Below that is an off-white ceramic bird that I picked up at Bachman's last year after seeing them all over their Spring Idea House. He may get painted though. That's TBD.

Below the bird is a painting that I made at a Wine and Art class with some friends. I couldn't find any image I wanted to recreate so I just smeared canvas around and got buzzed. It was pretty great. I call it "Mardi Gras at 4am" because that's what it will look like to you by then. It was also a little close to the wall color so I threw so light blue washi tape on the edges to give ti some definition. I may eventually actually paint a border onto it.

The large canvas next to it grounds the whole collage and will probably stay mostly white. I'm thinking of painting something pretty simply and graphic on it. Right now I'm kind of obsessed with arrows so it maybe something along those lines. I picked up all of the canvases at Michael's when they had a super sale one day and all artist canvases were 70% off.

Rounding out the bottom is a frames print from Kurt Halsey that speaks to my inner hipster. I try to crush it but every now and then she breaks lose and does some online shopping. Bitch. The small painting next to it is from a local store, Patina's, years ago. It's printed on fabric and I just love the colors.

Up above the large blank canvas is a small blank canvas - go figure and above that is the closest I will come to have any sort of hunting item in my house, resin antlers.

This pair was sold at Kohl's last year and was meant to be a necklace holder but I think he's just fine as is. Maybe he'll get a little extra bling come Christmas.

The other side of the wall has a large frame that I've had forever and may also get painted down the line since there isn't a lot of silver happening in the room and the "I" below it is silver too. I've had the "I" for years upon years that I got at an architectural salvage store.

I also want to get a photo wrapped around a canvas and float it inside of the frame, with some of the wall color showing in between the two.

Below the open frame is a printed canvas I bought at Hobby Lobby in August and seeing it did not help my current owl obsession at all. Seeing as how he was 50% off and only $10, I had to take him home. They still have him for sale if you feel he needs to live with you too. And of course, another blank canvas next to him. Eventually people. Baby steps.

And finally, there's a frame the houses a silhouette of myself from when I was probably 5. Yes, the artist even cut a bow into my head so you could tell I was a boy since my mother always insisted that I have short hair. The main reason - I hated to sit still and have my hair brushed.

So there you have it folks - I'm sure some if it will change (color) and I'll actually have to paint the canvases at some point, but overall I'm liking the asymmetrical thing we've got going on here.

Now onto the next 2 projects in this room - a bookcase for the opposite wall and window treatments.

- Lea

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