Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sun Shower

My favorite room in the house so far is hands down the sunroom. It was a porch way back in the day that was converted into a finished interior room. The previous owners use it as a TV room but I would rather not get angry letters from neighbors about their kids watching True Blood through my windows. To me, it seemed like the perfect place to curl up with a book so an office/reading room it shall be.

There isn't too much actual wall space since one side is all windows and other opposite side is mostly the opening leading to the living room so I wanted to go with a really dark color since there was so much natural light.

I ended up buying a good chunk of my paint before I even owned the house (since closing kept getting pushed back and delayed) but I found a tried and true way to pick out colors when I'm not able to paint swatches.

1.) Go to all the hardware stores and grab every swatch you're drawn to, causing the sales people to think you're mad and damning Pinterest for having too many paint swatch projects. True story. My parent's live super close to Home Depot, Menards, Lowe's and Ace Hardware so I had a pretty good selection.

2.) Once you have a general color in mind, cut away any colors on paint swatches that don't fit that bill. I knew I wanted a bold, dark color so I focused on deep teals, blues, navy and indigo.

3.) Once you've weeded out off colors, start comparing the colors that you still have. When you hold them up next to each other you'll be able to see if some are too dark, too light, too yellow, too green, etc. to what you had in mind.

4.) After narrowing your choices down to about 4 or 5, I took to the internet and searched Google and Pinterest for rooms where the colors have been used. You need to look at multiple photos and ideally ones that have similar lighting situations to yours.

I was really leaning between 4 different colors for the sunroom - 

With all the wood going on in the room (from the ceiling to the floor to the windows and trim), I was afraid that going with a pure navy would get a little to Ahoy Matey nautical so they were out. Dark Teal and Rainstorm were both warmer but in real life Dark Teal had a bit more green in it than I want so Rainstorm it was. There were also about 5 different types/stains of wood going on in the same area so we decided to paint some of the trim work white since none of it was original. This helped to brighten up the room as well as calm the wood cabin feel. 

We also bulked up the baseboard (which were plain 1x6's) with some casing to make them feel more inline with the rest of the trim in the house. 

Both the flooring and the ceiling are done in the same type of hickory wood, the ceiling just has a darker stain on it. They both had the same problem though, the boards were not all the same length, causing small gaps on the edges. To fix this, we added quarter round trim to the floor and then took the same casing we installed on top of the baseboard, flipped it upside down, and installed it along the ceiling to act as crown molding of sorts. 

Only the trim around the windows was painted white, I left the actual windows the dark walnut they were and love the look and think it will stand up better over time than if the entire window and casing were painted. Here's a more recent picture that show it in more detail, Martha Stewart Halloween window clings & dirty windows included:

While I was not in love with all the hours of cutting in it required for the 3 coats of Rainstorm to be applied on the beige walls -  I love, love, love the color. At night it's more of a navy but during the day its a bit more fun. And I'm sick because I can't wait to put up my white Christmas tree in this room. Like I want to put it up tomorrow but will probably attempt to hold off until after Thanksgiving so the neighbors don't think I'm totally nuts. Do you have a paint color that you're dying to use or that makes you want to lick your walls, too? I'd love some suggestions.

- Lea

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