Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Living Room Updates & Halloween

With the fireplace done with and painting out of the way, I would love to say that the living room has seen a lot of progress. Not so much.

But there have been some small improvements.

The only wired lighting in the living room (other than the 2 illegally wired sconces that got torn out) is right next to the front door and was a bit... germanic for my taste. Here a photo of it's twin, which happened to be in the sunroom.

A quick $15 fix later - thanks to a sconce on sale at Menards and a seeded glass shade from Home Depot, it was looking MUCH better. Is it an "I want to keep this for the rest of my life" sconce? No. But it sure is an improvement.

We also switched out the cream colored switches for white and installed a wooden switch plate painted the same color as the walls.

My mom thinks that light switches and electrical outlets are visual clutter when it comes to a wall and likes to camouflage them as much as possible. Guess that rubbed off. Instead of Where's Waldo?, we play where is the light switch?

See it?

The joys of being able to turn your wall paint into spray paint. More on that little trick another day : )

Other than doing that, we've pretty much just dropped the furniture I already owned in this room and called it a day... until I decided it needed some Halloween flare.

Yes, that's my hoarders pile of DVD's in the left corner. I't a problem. I also still need to clean the vintage kilim rig and rug pad that I got off of Craigslist for $55. Steal. And mount the tv about the fireplace. Oh, the to do list. My mother starts to get anxiety if you list off too many things at once.

Back to Halloween. I semi hoard clearance holiday items, I only really buy things after season super cheap but always go overboard. Hence the abundance of Christmas wrapping paper in my parent's attic.

Wire pumpkin from Bachman's last year, Witch carving from Patinas many moons ago, ceramic pumpkin from Kohl's last year, random peacock feather I had from a Mardi Gras party in college (gotta love a themed party!) and a gourd from a little orchard.
Pumpkin shaped candle holder from Tren D. Home last year, rando wooden piece of candy corn courtesy of my mother, "Grim Gables Cemetery" sign from Target last year, pumpkin from a local orchard, ceramic pumpkin jar left over from a floral arrangement at work last year.
Pumpkin paper lantern from God knows where. Thanks, Mom.
Ceramic "Treats" figure from Kohl's last year, pumpkin from a local orchard, white ceramic owl from Marshall's this year. He's my favorite (though he may get painted).
For furniture, I can thank my mother for also being addicted to remodeling (they normally do a room in their house every year). Last year they decided they wanted new living room furniture so I was able to snag their old leather sofa. 

The 4 pillows are all clearance from Target. I think I get a high off of buying things on clearance. The 2 gold ones are from the Nate Berkus line. Love. The coral knit ottoman is also a target clearance item and the blue coffee table is a temporary place holder that I bought (yep - on clearance) from Urban Outfitters a few years back, when they were selling off some display furniture. I have a vintage carpenter's trunk that I purchased for $40 off of Craigslist which is going to be rehabbed into a new coffee table one of these days. The side table next to the sofa is a $5.99 mid century piece courtesy of Goodwill. It will get painted at some point when I can figure out what color to go with.

"Happy Halloween" picture frame from Target last year with terrifying picture from childhood (see the Instagram feed for a close-up),  seeded glass lamp from Target with some Martha Stewart Craft owl window clings, spider cupcake holder (that I need to put a candle in) and a set of Dexter blood slide coasters.
I made a makeshift entryway with a apothecary type cabinet that I purchased YEARS ago, when they used to have their Global Bazar that would go clearance 2 days after it came out.

 I eventually want to have an entryway along these lines, with the cubbies as a sofa table:

Entry Moodboard by Living In Layers

Entry Moodboard by Living In Layers by living-in-layers

Until I cane make that happen, you'll just have to get used to this greeting you:

"Happy Halloween" sign from Target last year and a hook from Bachman's, Target spider cupcake holders (which again need candles), a glass pumpkin jar from Goodwill filled with yummy Pumpkin Spice Hershey kisses and pewter skeleton arm salad servers acting as the pumpkins arms.

Or at least get used to that greeting you until it's time to decorate for Thanksgiving.

- Lea

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