Sunday, October 20, 2013

Living Room To Do List

I love a good To Do List. Like crazy love. I'll buy any organizer that aids in making list and then abandon it 2 weeks later. That's how I roll. This has also become more blatantly clear as I find random notebooks throughout my house with the same lists on them. Doesn't really help the cause. So blog, my good buddy, you are hereby ordained my official list keeper. Get started!


Living Room Moodboard

Here's my somewhat comprehensive list of things to still accomplish in the Living Room:

  • Install crown molding around the room and the top of the fireplace
  • Mount the TV above the fireplace
  • Stain the cut end of the mantle to match
  • Have the chimney professionally swept
  • Refinish the hardwood floors
  • Paint baseboard radiator covers
  • Wax/touch-up baseboards, shoe molding and built-ins
  • Condition leather sofa
  • Get Craigslist Kilim rug cleaned and placed
  • Refinish Craigslist coffee table
  • Figure out DVD storage (another thing I hoard)
  • Buy 2 chairs (1 for next to the sofa, the other to the left of the fireplace)
  • Add wall art
  • Add some plants (that I hopefully don't kill)
  • Define the entry way (sofa table, wall treatment?, mirror, runner)
  • Install new front door, screen door and interior doorway molding to match existing trim work

Wayyyyyyyyy down the line once those things are completed, then maybe:
  • Figure out what to do about the hearth stone
  • Look into possibility of installing a ceiling light fixture
  • Get a different light for next to the front door (overhead?)
  • Find a rug similar to the rug of my dreams
  • Replace the molding around the doorway to the sun room to match existing trim work

And the granddaddy project of them all?

Decide whether the trim will stay natural or go white. There are STRONG opinions on this one from all sides. I LOVE white trim - it looks so clean and fresh and this living room remodel by my sister from another mister proves it. 

Are you kidding me with the wonderfulness, Emily?

BUT my woodwork is in such good shape. I half wish the varnish on it was crackled or the stain was horrible but it's in such good condition and you can't go back once you paint.

Le sigh.

- Lea

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