Monday, September 2, 2013

Mr. Gorbachev...

The living room was going to be the messiest room to redo (and also one of the biggest transformations) so we started there first.

The blue painted brick on the fire place needed a change and the rock wall was A.) DATED and B.) Already missing 2 pieces of who knows what on either side of it. You can see where the adhesive is left that held something, maybe brackets for the mantle.

As every good demolition story begins - my father left the house to go get lunch one day and the next thing we knew, my mother and I had a good third of the rock wall down with the help of a hammer and a pry bar by the time he came back. Oops.

And yes - I did quote Ronald Reagan the ENTIRE day. The first side came down really easy so we moved to the other side knowing there had to be a catch somewhere - projects just don't go 100% according to plan. It's impossible. Bam. Found that other shoe in the form of highly illegal wiring.

There was 1 switch for the ugly sconces which turned out to be just the plug in variety that someone hardwired in. The other switch controls the blower inside the fireplace. It was one of those "Let's see how bad this is going to get" moments so we very carefully kept removing the plaster rocks (which had all been applied directly on top of the wires). We had to carefully chip some of them away here and there and then we came to a GIANT piece of metal mesh that had rocks and wires encrusted on it.

Turns out it got a lot worse.

My mother to the left, taking in the damage we uncovered.

Time to literally sit back, think "oh, crap" and wait until someone could get out to look at the electrical.

- Lea

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