Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fireplace Inspiration

Since tearing the indoor rock wall left us with a little rebuilding to do, the first questions was what the h do you want it to look like now?

So I went to my trusted advisor, Mr. Pinterest, to discuss the case a little further. In the meantime, we were able to take out a couple dozen buckets full of rock, plaster and dust so we had something a little less Apocalypse Aftermath Chic to look at.

Look at all the dust floating in the air! My lungs were in heaven.

We (I cut in while my mom rolled) painted the ceiling a crisp, clean white since it had years of soot caked on it (see below) and also painted all walls except for the fireplace wall.

The brick was already painted and attempting to try to strip/sandblast it off sounded like pure hell so paint it was. Once I started looking at white painted fireplaces, I fell in love. Here are some of my favorites:

I wanted to keep the wood mantle as was so it would tie in with the baseboards and built-ins throughout the house. And since I am a huge nerd and have had an obsession with making collages since I was 5 (no magazine was ever safe in our house), I made a mood board so my parents could attempt to understand the crazy going on in my head.

Living Room Moodboard

It will all make sense, I swear!

- Lea

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  1. Ain't no one gonna understand that crazy! I do love white fireplaces & desperately want a mantel!