Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let's Break This Down...

In my head, the interior of my house is broken into 4 different sections:

  • At the front of the house is the entertaining area which consists of a former porch which has been converted into a sun-room (the current owners were using it as a tv room) and a living room that have a wood burning fireplace and craftsman style built-in room divider leading to the dining room.

  • The foodie area consists of a dining room with craftsman built-ins as well as a coat closet and a small galley kitchen with a large pantry off of it. On the far end of the kitchen there is a doorway leading to a small back mudroom/porch and the stairs to the basement

  • The "You will not leave this place alive basement" straight up reminds me of the basement from the Murder House in American Horror Story (season one). Because of this, there are currently no photos for it as I am afraid of what the film may capture. Probably something along these lines?
  • In the back of the house is the private quarters which consists of the house's original bedroom and closet, a closet with access to the attic, the main bathroom and a 2nd bedroom that was added onto the house later (probably around the 70's from what we can guess decor wise).

Exciting, no?

- Lea

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Girl 101

6 months ago I became an adult. Kinda. A few years prior I had graduated college, got the big girl job, bought the big girl car and had been parking it (and my butt) comfortably at my parents house ever since. This is by no means a complaint. I had a floor to myself, off street parking, a permanently filled fridge and home cooked meals pretty much whenever I wanted. Plus 2 puppies to play with. Heaven, no?


Eventually you have to grow up, right? Having their attic and garage full of my belongings started to take it's toll so house hunting I went.  Added bonus to living with your parents - no deadline for when you have to move out. This afforded me to put in an offer for a house that being sold short sale, which are notorious for taking forever and a day to close but hello, instant equity.

Que my labor of love:

She's a little (a lot) rough around the edges. Neglect here and there, a project for sure and I love that. Plus she's a 1900's craftsman bungalow with a converted porch, original hardwood floors, trim and built ins. Done. It took 9 months from when the initial offer was made until I signed on the 9,000 lines. Honestly, if it were a baby, it would have been 2 weeks overdue. 

So what is the first thing one does after buying a house? If you're a little OCD like me, you measure everything possible and make a detailed floor plan of the entire house. It's the little things in life people. 

Not only does a floor plan come in handy when trying to describe my house's layout to others (you're welcome) - it also helps in visualizing furniture placement and having all measurements in one place. It's helped stop some impulse purchases when realizing that as much as I might love something, it just aint gonna fit. I've tried a couple different programs buy so far my favorite has been Floorplanner because it's  simple to use and easy to access when on the go. Their free basic account is all that I need.

Below is a voomed out view of the original layout and colors in the house when I purchased it. 

A lot has changed in the last 6 months - more on that to come.

- Lea